Joe began drumming when he started drum lessons aged 7. He rapidly progressed through the London College of Music graded syllabus, and achieved his grade 8 whilst aged only 15. Performing became a huge part of Joe's life as he regularly played in rock, indie and metal bands. He also learnt to play tuned percussion in 'Percussion Unlimited' - one of the UK's most notable percussion ensembles. With Percussion Unlimited, Joe played hundreds of concerts across Shropshire and the rest of the UK, and toured Australia, Hong Kong, Spain and the Outer Hebrides.

After developing a passion for music technology and recording music in his teens, Joe went on to Leeds College of Music to study Music Production, achieving a BA (Hons) in 2015. He then went to Bangor University to train to be a teacher of music, and graduated with a PGCE in 2016. Joe now passes on his musical knowledge and experience as a secondary school music teacher.

Alongside teaching, Joe is now regularly hired as a session drummer and percussionist. His vast range of musical experience means that he is often hired to play an eclectic mix of shows; from drumming in musical theatre, to gigging with rock bands to playing percussion in large orchestras. His recent work has got him noticed by Collision Drumsticks, and Joe has signed his first endorsement deal with them.

Joe has also developed an online recording service. Artists send their drum-less tracks, Joe records drums over them in his studio and sends the drum tracks straight to the artist's email inbox.

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